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Rosi & Brian Amador's
Family show      
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Aruba: Dive In

A Promotional Video for the Board of Tourism in Aruba.
Voiced by Rosi Amador and available in separate versions - English and Spanish

View the English version or View the Spanish Version

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Your Green Guide to Pregnancy: Creating a Healthier Prenatal Environment
Green Guide

Rosi voices this practical and playful resource that provides pregnant women with practical steps to achieve a healthy and environmentally safe pregnancy. Produced by and available from Vida Health Communications.

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McGraw-Hill's newest, beautifully written stories for 2nd to 6th grades on history, social and earth sciences and much more!
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Rosi & Brian Spanish Language Narrators for
 "A Class Apart"
The little-known story of Mexican American lawyers who took Hernandez v. Texas to the Supreme Court, challenging Jim Crow-style discrimination.

"AMERICAN EXPERIENCE was looking for Spanish voice-over talent that would provide a broad range of reads, take direction with ease, and work efficiently. Both Rosi and Brian delivered! We couldn't have asked for a better team."

-Vanessa Essersky, American Experience Producer, PBS
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Narration & Music for Bilingual Book
"MaƱana Iguana" (Sept. 2009 Release)

"I recently worked on an audio project with Brian and Ro
si Amador. They co-narrated a children's picture book for me, with Rosi portraying the narrator and female character voices, and Brian the male character voices.

They were incredibly professional in their approach to the recording session, and were error-free in their reading of the text. You could tell immediately that they did their homework.Their character voices were also spot-on and captured the essence of each character as illustrated in the book. It was a humorous book and they conveyed perfectly the playful feel of the text in their performances.
Brian Amador also composed the music for this project. I knew he would be perfect when I heard Brian and Rosi perform with their band. Brian is an incredible composer and Spanish guitar player. Rosi and Brian sing and lead the group. They are very multi-talented and perfect for the type of music/narration programs that we produce at Live Oak Media.

This was my first project with them and I'm hoping that I can work with them again...and again."

-Arnie Cardillo. Owner, Live Oak Media Children's Audiobooks
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Animated Interactive Science Museum Exhibit touring to Science Museums in the U.S. 
"Charlie and Kiwi's Evolutionary Adventure"
"Rosi was a great fit for both bilingual projects we did Amador Bilingual VO LogoFinalfor the New York Hall of Science. Her friendly and clear voice really helped bring the projects to life!"  These two exhibit pieces were produced with Jeff Kennedy Associates ( and FableVision (

-Naomi Greenfield, Producer, FableVision Studio

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Narration of Dictionary and Glossaries
Listen.Waves.jpg"Rosi provides a high quality product, delivers on time, and is very easy to work with!
-Ken Ryan, Founder,
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Narration Educational Stories on Science & General Learning Including Character Acting

"Rosi has been the main voice talent we use and recommend for our "Latin" voice in our English content, as well as for our Spanish talent. She is very professional in her work, and we have been very pleased with her results. Plus, she is a lot of fun to work with!"
-Kip Wilson, Director of Content Production at Scientific Learning  
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Northeast Homeland Security Regional
Advisory Council
Swine Flu Awareness Movie – Spanish

Amador Bilingual VO is the information hub of homeland security activities in northeastern Massachusetts

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GEOVISION-Multicultural & Multilingual Communications
"I have worked with many voice over talent in Boston and in New York, and Rosi is among my top choices .  She has done a couple of PSAs with us.  One was for Project Bread and her warm and empathic voice was crucial in delivering the message. A recent one was on flu prevention and required an upbeat tone, which she had no problem delivering. Rosi takes direction very well and adds in her own experience, which is very considerable.  I highly recommend her."
-Juan Mandelbaum, President and Creative Director, Geovision
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Preventing The Sexual Abuse of Children

"Rosi was able to add just the ingredient we needed to our Flash video project. She was adaptable and creative in how she responded to our needs. I would gladly work with her again."

-Deborah Donovan Rice, Executive Director, Stop it Now!
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