Spanish-English Voice-Over Talent
Rosi AmadorRosi Amador Solo Photo
since 1994

Native Spanish & English speaker
with no accent in either language

"She is an artist in the push button
world of voice-over recording."
-Lisa Grace, Producer
MASS Department of Public Health AIDS Education Media

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"We auditioned several voice talents over a fairly long period of time and finally struck gold when we found Rosi. 

From the start, it was obvious that she was head and shoulders above the rest.  She is completely confident in her skin, and this confidence combined with just the right amount of warmth and friendliness came across superbly in her voice. On top of all that, she is also very coachable and able to follow direction effortlessly.  We are so glad we found her!"
-Derick Fajardo, Director of International
Product Development, Nuance Communications 
"We chose Rosi to record our National Geographic Spanish program for primary school children. Because of her multi- cultural background, she uses a standard Spanish that would be appropriate for almost any project. She was cooperative, friendly, and expressive. Most importantly, her voice is warm and rich, and she was able to provide just the kind of energy and expression that we wanted. She did a wonderful job for us!"
-Paul J. Osborn, Senior Editor
National Geographic School Publishing
"Working with Rosi is always a pleasure. She is an artist in the push button world of voice-over recording. Her control of tone and content, whether in Spanish or English, is masterful. She is creative and cooperative and takes direction well. Rosi is an asset to every production on which we have collaborated and I look forward to our next joint venture.
-Lisa Grace
Audio/Video Producer
MA Dep't. of Public Health AIDS Educ. Media

Our work encompasses training and educational work for both children and adults. "Rosi is one of our favorite voice actors here at AudioLink.She is a very accurate reader with great flexibility. Not only does she read fluently in both English and Spanish, but she can vary her tone to appeal to all ages. She is also a pleasure to work with."

-Steve Olenick, President,  AudioLink, Inc.


National Geographic
Boston Univ Medical Ctr
Nuance Communications
Houghton Mifflin
NY Hall of Science
Verizon Wireless
Bank North
Illumina Interactive
Scientific Learning


Documentaries, Audio Books, Health,
Education, Publishing, Mobile Phone Prompts, High Tech, Employee  Training, Music Training, Museum/Science Center, and Financial/Bank
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