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Sol y Canto is proud to announce the release of our latest CD/DVD project, SABOR Y MEMORIA: a Musical Feast in Seven Courses. Composed by musical director Brian Amador for the Sol y Canto Sextet plus a string quartet, SABOR Y MEMORIA is a seven-song suite all about food, in rhythms from Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Panama and Puerto Rico. From appetizer to dessert, it's a Latino musico-culinary, multi-sensory mix of music, images and flavors, where each movement is a "dish" in an imaginary meal!

Anyone who comes from far away to live here knows that the deepest and most distant memories can be triggered by an aroma, a sound or a taste. Music and food are among the strongest cultural expressions of our roots, connecting us to our origins by pathways much more profound and direct than conscious thought. SABOR Y MEMORIA explores the connections between music, food, and identity, mixing Latin musical genres in much the same way that flavors are blended in the cuisine of a new land.

Recorded live in Boston, the CD is now available, along with a DVD featuring the stunning photomontages that accompany the music. Click here for ordering information, behind-the-scenes interviews, and recipes!

Sabor y Memoria Interviews

¡The Recipes!

Listening to Sabor y Memoria and seeing the spectacular food photos, you're bound to work up an appetite. So the least we could do is offer you some of Brian's recipes so you can make the experience even more multi-sensory. Enjoy!


Voice-Over and On-Camera work

MicrophoneAmador Bilingual English/Spanish Voice-Overs


Rosi and Brian on TV
Rosi Amador for voice-over and on-camera work

Brian Amador for voice-over and on-camera work


People en Español
Rosi and Brian amador featured in People en Español magazine.

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